We’re delighted to announce a new chapter for Form Audioworks through our partnership with Loopmasters and Loopcloud. This collaboration opens up our innovative sound packs to a broader range of music creators and enthusiasts. All 3 of our current sample packs (“Cycles Melodic Techno, “Aether Downtempo Electronica” and “Lofi Fusion”) are now featured on these renowned platforms, offering a spectrum of sounds to inspire and elevate music projects.

In addition to our current offerings, we’re on the cusp of releasing a new pack next month. This upcoming release embodies our philosophy of exploring new soundscapes and creative sound design, and we can’t wait to show you soon.

Our future releases will continue this trajectory of innovation and quality, all available on Loopmasters and Loopcloud. We’re excited to see the new creative heights our sounds will help you achieve and we’re grateful for your continued support as we embark on this exciting journey together!