Licensing Information & Terms of Use

What can I do with sounds downloaded from Form Audioworks?

Any sounds, samples, presets or devices (hereafter referred to as ‘products’) purchased or downloaded from Form Audioworks can be freely used in your own musical compositions without the need to credit Form Audioworks.

You are NOT PERMITTED to redistribute the products, for profit or otherwise, without express permission from Form Audioworks. If you would like to share the products with friends please direct them to the original link on our website.

You are NOT PERMITTED to use these products in isolation for any commercial release or project. For example; you are not authorised to create another sample pack, sampler instrument, sound pack, preset pack etc. using any unedited samples obtained from Form Audioworks.

You are permitted to use the sounds in original musical compositions provided you follow the rules above.

What am I getting?

When you purchase or download any of our products, you are not obtaining ownership of the product. You are in fact purchasing a license to use the product in your own musical compositions.

Once you have purchased or downloaded one of our products you have a single user license which permits you to use the sounds in your own musical compositions. This license grants you the right to release such compositions commercially without payment of any further royalties or fees for such usage, and it is not necessary to contact us for sample clearance.

If you have any questions about our packs and what this license entails, please feel free to get in touch.